Sundays at ichiban!

Wonder what most of us do on a sunday morning?

Duh?! No mornings!! Sleep till the afternoon will be the MOST common answer

And YET!… Here we are! Sitting in a room on the 2nd floor of a building on Khader Nawaz Khan. YES! Its a class, not a boring one but a very curious one about entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs!!The fabulous world of people who are” their own bosses”.

The people running the show at ichiban academy are two individuals by name Raj and Meera. The infectious enthusiasm that Raj Sir and Meera Mame carry is notable. The energy that they radiate is simply enough to carry you through any “difficult topics” in the syllabus. Of course! “there are no difficult topics, but only those that need a deeper understanding”, sir would claim. And its never a wonder why us students stay back even after the class for post-class discussions :).Citing real life examples about the scenarios in which various companies thrived or dived, some pure facts presented in a way that is simply difficult to forget!

A total of eight classes spread over eight Sundays.I would say that the course is a must for those interested in “being their own boses” , (though am yet to complete the course, I still feel Ive the right to recommend something that is essential). Heres the URL!

The purpose of the organisation “To accelerate excellence in a million individuals by 2015”, a seemingly huge goal which doesnt look that big with people like raj and meera at the helm of affairs!


Discussions at the lawn

With salutations to my inner guru who took up a body as the great Ramana Maharshi,  I begin…

I have always wondered about the results of a discussion, not your regular gossips about the going outs/break ups but a discussion “for the sake of it”. Few of my friends actually initiate a HUGE thread with a simple status message about our country, corruption and the like, and am definitely not referring to such discussions either.

This is slightly similar but aimed at producing “fruitful results”. You might be thinking “What the hell is this idiot talkin about”, lemme get to the point!

Ok heres how it started. A few days back my friend Vijayraghavan, a highly knowledgeable chap suggested the idea of a forum, where like minded people can voice their opinions about topics ranging from spirituality to Indian politics.

“Great idea! But how is this going to help anyone at all?”.

“Isnt it obvious? Though there will be heated arguments, some ego shattering conclusions, there will be takeaways so deep, that it will start affecting them in ways unseen. Definitely it will be helpful” so said my thoughtful friend Vijay. A range of names from Vivekandana forum to youth for change were suggested, but then, lets start simple and modest, by discussions with a handful of interested people in the lawn. That way things will gain momentum of their own accord.

So the first discussion started with something to do with a “tough-to-spell” book aboutSriRamanujar’s principles. Though I couldnt make a word out of it, I felt this is the way to start learning.

As some sanskrit sloka rightly put it “How strange is this knowledge-wealth, by stocking it , it reduces. But by sharing it drastically increases”

Vijay was sharing the “little” he knew about “apara”(someone teach me how to add the line ‘overline above a to make it sound right’) , hence the first discussion ended at approx 2.30 pm 27th august 2010 with the “understanding the real reason behind the need for educating others with complex arguments” by Ashwath.

Next discussion will be on something about those striving for “liberation” and those who strive for worldly life but strictly adhering to dharma.

All are invited 🙂