Naishtika Brahmacharya

This time, the discussion was interesting.A strong and heavy topic like Naishtika Brahmacharya (the vow of celibacy till death) which loosely translates as abstaining from carnal pleasures and moving toward a higher plane of life, was discussed with a sense of lightness. Heres not the very best of recaps!

Myself:”I personally believe in the power and the effects of leading such a life, but I doubt the possibility of its relevance in today’s world!”

Sharath Balakrishnan was quick to point out that such a life didnt hold much significance to him. “Why should I abstain from indulging in stuff that gives pleasure? Is there a reason to support your case that spirituality is absolutely a priority?”

Vijayragahavan on the other hand said, “its something to be experienced. When one is firmly established in Brahmacharya, one can achieve whatever he wants.”

Sharath: “If the SQ(spirituality quotient) is say 50 % for you guys its only probably 10% in people like Vijay Mallaya seems like hes enjoying life, he is gettin what he wants. I seriously dont think he is following brahmacharya”

V: He might be having some problems, you may never know!

S: Everybody has his own problems!

{A slight pause, it was evening and we reached the buses that were ready for the journey back home from college, then Wagah or Arjun Parasuram joined in}

A: I may lead such a life after sometime.

S: “Sometime?” What do you mean sometime? After indulging eh? It doesnt work out that way dude.

Myself: Usually after a serious of unfortunate events one is driven to think about the futility of sensual pleasures, maybe then one can get inspiration for such a life!

After this point, my dear friend B. interrupted the talks and then it was time for the buses to leave.

I waved a bye and showed a thumbs up to Vijayaraghavan to restate the success of the 2nd talk, before I got into 21 bus!


I saw her standing there!

Wow! The most beautiful creature! There she was, standing near the stores, the usual hangout  in our campus. A bright red dress- most attractive! While adjusting that tuft of hair which kept falling over her forehead, making her even more beautiful!


Yes. Today is the today! I must tell her!

Here I was rehearsing the little piece of note, hiding at a safe distance, behind one of the more bigger trees in the lawn.

“I really dont know how to say this… err.errr” .

“cha! Indha mokkai fluid mech viva kooda mug aduchudallam anna idha mattum mug eh adikamudiyaliye”.” Illave illa”, I cant do this, I thought to myself. Just then I remembered the events which preceded this present moment of hapless muggin!

“Hey listen, its now or never, u gotta tell her that u like her”, exclaimed my best buddy.

“Funny!I think u ve ripped it off from some bike commercial”, I replied.

“Dude it doesnt matter, it suits the need, now go tell her!”

Cut to the present and here I was, rehearsing the note mentally with great zeal, but walking toward her in a really shaky condition.(BASEMENT WEAK, as honr. Vadivelu puts it)

But the trouble is, like in all cases, theres a big gang  always surrounding this lady, just like all those illiterate ministers surrounding “amma”.A slight difference in this case being the gender. It was a typical girls gang. The kinds who say ‘Hi’ in chorus like those numerous Sing-Alongs for kids, plus! these were girls who were three years my junior! Shit!(forgive me for the inappropriate language), I hate little girls with raw attitude!And  Yet this was a decision I had taken, carefully weighin out all the pros and cons. So I continued!

I managed a “Hey….lllo, whats up?” accompanied by a monotonous chewing of my favorite gum, trying to bring the “Oh-the cool senior” effect.

Pat came the chorus song “Hiiiiii Karthik, noothin much, classes over”.

“Oh yeah its 3.20 pm ryt” I said sheepishly. (there came the first failure! Any dumbass studying in ssn would know that classes get over by 3.10pm, especially for the 1 years). I turned over to my “sweetheart”:P

Hey Deeps, can we take a walk?

Again *The chorus song- the fake cough followed by’ we re not listening gesture’- which meant–OKAY Deepika!! permission granted, you may go!* Damn I hate chorus songs.

{But Deepika or Deeps was definitely the most sensible, though she did follow some gang decorum, she was the independent and sensitive types, I still wonder why this female hangs out with those loser little girls!}

“Sure! We ll start walkin to the buses right away, today Ive to catch a place, else that chubby(actually FAT) senior will occupy the whole of three seater, plus number 20 is always crowded.”

“Oh… yeah cool”. I said. Then, we started walking.

After a pause in talking and some spoons of corn later, I finally mustered up the courage and started the whole dialog.

“Actually Deepika, I ve been wanting to tell u this for quite a while”.


” What would u say if I was mad enough to propose to u now?”

She gave a nervous laugh, “hehe dont be silly”

Then I looked at her in the eye and said, call me whatever deepika! I truly madly deeply love you! (Yech! #delivery FAIL, these are not the lines i rehearsed! Not even close! I thought to myself!)

She stopped right there. Right in the middle of the huge contour of  buses which had already lined up.

“Oh Karthik. DONT!”

“But I do! Serious!”[ Here I was a Final Year Mechanical student, totally helpless in front of a Junior girl.(Time is an illusion :D)]

“Oh..k, since this has come a little too far, I will tell you the truth.”

“Actually Karthik”

“Yes go on”, I said, already fearing the worst!

“I ve been committed to a guy for the past 6 years, right from 8th std in school! He is the same age as mine, now studying in IIT madras.”


BUN is a term coined to replace the erstwhile “MICHTURE”

, which essentially means getting jacked/ epic fail in Louves.But a few additives like ‘cream’ be4 the bun are used to convey the stronger version of the BUN.}

Not too difficult to identify the BUN here, but the real cream/sugar coating came along with the mention of that dreaded institute, where middle class iyer dudes(like me) ought to have earned a place.IIT!

‘Wtf’, I thought to myself, ‘shes been hiding this from me all this while!’

“Sorry Karthik, I couldnt find the necessity to tell you this! I hope you understand my situation here. (I noticed she was  uncomfortable already). And oh… the buses are leaving! Bye Karthik!”

Haunting words!

I was speechless, for the first time in my life, I had received a King sized Cream bun!

But the worst part is I turned back to realize the gang standing hardly a few paces behind me, pretending to be emptying their pink colored nike bottles. Shit! They looked at me as if they were seeing a rabid dog that had just been run over by a trash-truck!


Oh well,  atleast Paul




would help me with his *With a little help from my friends* I thought to myself, comfortably plugging my ears with my nano earphones and started walking toward my friends who were eagerly waiting for the news, “my result”.

I gave them a thumbs down from the distance. My best friend immediately ran upto to me and said “Machi vidra! Ennaku appove theriyum da, andha deepika was hiding something from u, shes not the one for u da.”

I couldnt cry nor I could laugh.It seemed so not real.

“With a little help from my friends” went the BEATLES chorus, ‘gee!’, I thought to myself! ‘Chorus is not that bad afterall!’