How does it matter?

Her head was hurting badly. She stood there without much importance to her environment. Her pulse rate was faster than ever.

“Whats happening?”

“I cant see nor can I listen to the voices.”

A sudden rush of blood to the brain. A terrible fear of death.

“Why now?”

“This shouldnt happen now!”

I have to earn, make my parents proud, get married, be famous!

She could feel her life force fading away.

” Where are my parents?” “Amma”? “Appa”? She wanted to scream, but her voice choked. It was as though she was drowning in a vast expanse of water.

Suddenly a few questions flashed inside her head. A few of them “shockingly selfish”.

At this moment, my life is fading away. How can a future situation of  assumed happiness save me now? How are my parents going to save me now? How does it matter?

Have a wonderful marriage and be famous

How are those going to save me? Will any memory or  thought of the future save me from this situation? Or will any person mesmerized by my fame save me now? How does it matter?

God! Where are you? Are you there at all??

Well then, every single experience was a passing phrase. It is useless attaching my sense of being to them.

“My sense of being?”

Does the being exist irrespective of my perception of it?


The water turned into light. Blissfully peaceful! Everything is light. No death.

Being is all. All is being.

When she opened her eyes, the picture resumed. The charecters assumed positions.

But all is being. Nothing else matters.