Gods of #fail

Epic Fail

A typical session at the lawn for Ananthu and friends.

Yes! You guessed it right#Ananthu is single, studying mechanical Engg and is not geth!

All around he could see only pairs or couples in louvwes!

“Enna neram da idhu”.  (Nope it wasnt valentines. But it doesnt have to be valnetines to show louvwes illa?Or so claim the many louvwers. :P)

Since he was single, he had a lot of time to think on the cruelty life has to offer. Basically to Ananthu cruelty meant no girlfriend to kadalai pottufy with :D.

” Enna neram ah?Ellam nalla neram thaan, hahaha” ,an annoying voice-it was ‘Srinivasan’ aka srini.

#Srinivasan(again mechanical) was short and lean, but much to everyones amazement he was extremely talented in ice hockey{sadly there was no ice in chennai for him to play on}. You could call him a thinker, but mostly his thoughts drifted to food and women.His one liners are pathetic btw.

“Enna machi, inniki usual oda, jaasthi couples lawn le. Whoa, theres Shreya! Epdi machi indha munjiki andha ponnu matirchu!” {Shreya Sudharshan, the most happening and the very beautiful ponnu in the institussion}  They make a cute couple nonetheless-rofl.”sounded Venkites the king of exaggerated sarcasm .But I bet the cuteness of the togetherness will last only a month max, hahahaha.

#Venkites(duh… mechanical) had a lot of “Tambram” [terminology: Tambram isequaltte Tamil Brahmin] kusumbu in him. Much similar to the erstwhile R.K.Narayanan Saar- swami’s creator.

“Machan Naan sollren paaren,(this is how almost every sentence of Srini begins) nammakku figure eh set aagadhu- yenna nammaku indha romance eh varadhu, couples ah kalaikadhan theriyum. Adhan karma vinai- andha louwes experience ah andavan kudukama poittan”.

{Actual ah indha group pathi sollanum na. Ananthu, Srini rendu perum louwve #fail. Ananthu louwve solli fail. Srini sollrathuku munnadiye fail. Venkites- simbly waste. no comments}

<Flashback>….. Around 15 guys walking from the workshop(obviously mechanical :P) chanced upon the most opportune moment-Kalaichification of one junior couples in serious louwings near the mini-auditorium.

“Gundu loves you both” shouted Akashimani.(Gundu refers to a bad ass punk in mechanical).

With immediate effect the terror stricken couple escaped! Srini introspected” oru vela idhu naala thaan namma gang member yaarukum le ponnu mataliyo?”</Flashback>.

Lets not bore the readers with the totally uninteresting introspections of Srini anyomore.

/Cut back to the lawn scene\.

Venkites started the next topic- M.S in the U.S.

Venkites:Machan idhu theiryuma?

Ananthu:Sonna thaane theriyum velakkennai.

V:Heheehe… machi naresh ku Minnesota kadihchichu. Scholarship oda!

A:Adhukku enna da ippo?

V: Machan ennada ipdi sollita. Avan ponna semester project ku oru “lego building blocks” model of windmill present pannan da. Ippo theiryudhu illa naan sonna madhiri padippu kum arivu kum sammandhame illa!

A: Nee mattum? Ponna sem ku lorry spare parts ku water color adichu “BEVEL GEAR model nu kamikale”? Payapulla unnake UFL admit kadikombodhu, sondhama lego parts vechu windmill pannavanukku kadaicha thappu illa. padippukum arivu kum sammandham illa! Machan ennna da CSE pasanga formals le vandhurkanga. Any placements?

Srini: Amman illena mattum avanga dep tshirt jeans le ya varaporranga.

V:(Not minding Srini’s one liner) Avanga dep ku amazon vardhan da. Eight lakhs pay package aama.

A:Cha! Miss pannitom da.

V.Iru iru machi . Youre already placed in a mass core company da(Sarcasm).You are a Rannayan.(more like Rane-ian :P). Namma college security Kannayan kooda unnoda jaasthi sambalam vanguvan, nee Amazon pathi ellam pesave koodathu”

Chorus laughter follows.

(Indha madhiri thaan ga. Indha Pasanga urupadama poi oruthara oruthar kalaichipanga) Hence the name. Gods of #fail.