Individuality- What does it mean?

I have heard people tell me that I should think on my own rather than accepting another’s point of view.

Firstly-what does thinking on my own mean?

According to one popular author- our brains are self maximizing blah which essentially means this.

Unlike a library where there is a librarian organizing books into various categories, our brain does not “classify” information where as information classifies itself.

How is this possible? How can information classify itself?

This can be possible “if the seer and the seen” are the same. ie. the seer influences┬áthe sight. Hence there is no separate time for classification, it happens as the seeing happens.

This pattern of “seeing” events and things over the years has resulted in conditional thinking. Conditional thinking is existent everywhere.

Then with what audacity can a person ask me to think on my own?

I ask that person what does “own” mean?

You think you are unique and apart from the universe? Never!

Your physical attributes, you owe to your parents.

Your character is nothing but accumulated thinking that has been influenced by your environment right from the time when you were a toddler. Where is your individuality then?

If you say that “this is the essence of my individuality, a merging of diverse traits into one”.

You have lost your case right there! What applies to you applies to me then ­čÖé


If a great seer like Buddha who is said to have renounced his worldly life to search┬áfor the truth, says something like, “Accept no dogmas, Accept not tradition┬ábecause it is such …”.Its fine by me because he had the patience and gutsy to find the last link in the chain.

Are you a Buddha? Have you verified each and every one of your principles without altering them in the slightest way possible?

Each one of us is constantly shaped by our surroundings every moment. Because we do not see them as they are but we see them as we are.

Finally you say that “I am what I am”, I am guessing this refers to your perception of yourself does not change.

I am Anish, I believe in such and such.

Does not the such and such change over the years?

You may say that I have seen myself change and now my individuality consists of the changed me. Which means you have acknowledged the change?

There rests the case!

Where is your individuality then?

How can you write me off as living on other people’s thoughts, as if you can claim your every thought to be your own?!