Aiye! Jus go with the flow macheee!!!

I am drinking coffee and doing random things like deactivating my fb account.(I mostly use it to stalk so…) While life has taken many U turns, W turns and all, I wonder how much more alphabet turnings are there. 2011 ended on a weird note 🙂 I realized I loved some person and messed it up 😐 To add to it, I ve been keeping aapu to others around me (unknowingly ofcourse).  Basically I am on the edge of the whirlpool twisting and turning, oh its paining I say most of the times. Then I came across a book based on a cow herd’s discourse long time ago in India. This cow-herd warrior advises his distant cousin about the affairs of life in the middle of a periappa-marumagan waaar. (wow, sounds more messed up right?)

He says

One who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, is intelligent among men, and he is in the transcendental position, although engaged in all sorts of activities.

This cow-herd was the all powerful atman in human form(but then who isnt?), they say.I personally have a very deep liking for his persona- the louwver of the gopeees. Definitely the dude’s words must be true I thought to myself.

Coming back to the whirlpool scenario in my life, this bloody whirlpool was pulling me, pushing me and beating me outright. I could see all my friends, my relatives and strangers of the world on the same whirlpool, some on the far edges being dragged more violently, some others who were happy inattentive to the ebbs in front of them. Then something struck me.

If I moved to the vortex of the whirlpool I wont be pushed as much as on the edges. Swimming to the center I found it to be more true than anything else.

I discovered the center of the whirlpool to be the support of this whole whirlpool. In it I saw intense action happening all around. These people on the whirlpool now appeared to be dead bodies dancing to a rythm.

This rythm seemed to be the intense action that cowherd was talking about maybe! Intense action while I was doing nothing but standing in the vortex. 

All my friends, relatives and strangers who seemed to be moving with great effort on the whirlpool actually were not moving at all but merely appeared to be flowing with this rythm of action!

How intelligent that Krsna IS, he didnt go to any Convent school nor any IIT, yet he say brilliantly

“Aye, jus go with the flow macheee”  



Who really knows? Who shall declare it here?
Whence was it born? Whence issued this creation?
Even the Gods came after its emergence.
Then who can tell from whence it came to be?
None knows when creation has arisen;
Whether He made it or did not make it,
He who surveys it in the highest heaven,
Only He knows, or maybe even He knows not.

-Nasadiya SUktham

This post is inspired by the topic of agnosticism which many falsely believe to have originated with some rock star computer scientist or theoritical physicist in the 19th-20th century. The above lines are from Nasadiya sUktham, part of the really really old Vedas, long before the birth of any theoretical physics. What follows is my take on agnosticism, or maybe not! It just cannot be determined you say? 😛

The world is a phenonemon each perceives. Experience teaches us that this world is relative with regard to individuals. What maybe one man’s food is another man’s poison well verified by the fact that some food types prove deadly for allergics. If it be argued allergics are specifics and not the general case- when a man is sick he is nauseated by the same foods which were so inviting otherwise. This proves that world is relative.

To perceive this relative world there must be an intelligence. This intelligence is in the form of a seer or the perceiver.

To the question of what is known and unknown.

What is known can only be relative to that which is not known and vice versa. To say that one knows something can only actually mean- one knows to the knowable limit of that something. Supposing I say I know what a cell phone is, I perceive the limits of a cell phone and can lecture about the cell phone to my limits or my understanding at best. The same applies to every “knowable” entity within our perception.

This cannot be denied as the actual limits of knowing a thing is really unknown. The limits of an entity differs for different individuals .In short what people call agnosticism is this. By this principle everyone is an agnostic only that he does not recognize it. This principle is true only so long as “the perceived” is given so much importance. This being the case with life as such, defining only certain aspects of perceiving-such as the concept of gods as agnosticism does not make sense.

There rests the case with agnosticism. Its flawed, so much so it talks only about perceiving and conveniently leaves the subject of perception. The subject of perception is a deeper topic and I dont wish to write about that here.

What is really known?

The question cannot be answered.

What is not known?

Again the question cannot be answered.

Who really knows?

About what? God? Universe? Me? you?

All these questions can only be answered with respect to the subject. Subject is not the entity which is “subject” to changes but otherwise.

Nasadiya Suktham is meant to take the attention away from the “seen” to the seer. The tenacity of the lines He who surveys it in the highest heaven, Only He knows, or maybe even He knows not, is meant to question the vagaries of the seen(ie. deity, seeing god sitting in a high heaven) and understand the flaw in it, thereby going beyond the seen and to the seer.

Instead of that outcome, we are so dutifully attached to this plane of thinking(only questioning the vagaries of the seen and resting content with it) and propagating a belief system on it!


Unknown person!

I was supposed to pick up my brother from his school, the SPASTN, Taramani. I reached the campus early only to find a couple of boys playing cricket as the school had not yet ended. I watched a couple of overs.The batsman’s funny style interested me the most, so I thought I would pay my compliments to the “batsman”.

Me: Hi! Whats your name?
Bat: I have three names. Krishna, Swaminathan and Balaji. Neenga Yaaru?
That tone had an underlining suspicion and insecurity.

Me: My name is also Krishna. Hifi!!
Bat:(Visibly shocked) Neenga epdi atthe paeru vechurkinga? Neenga Yaaru sollunga?

This time the voice was more firm so I decided to skip the question and wait for his reaction.

Bat: Looking at me with suspicion. Sir, Neenga… Neenga…
Me: Yes?

Bat: Neenga unknown person thaane?

I knew where this was heading so I clarified his doubt by saying that my brother went to the same school and that he might be knowing my brother.

Bat:(Still unconvinced) Neenga unknown person. Na unga kooda pesamatten. My mom has advised me not to talk to unknown persons.

Saying this he started to walk fast and then he ran away from where I was standing.

Sigh.If only I could be as simple at heart as Krishna (a) Swaminathan (a) Balaji, life would be much more peaceful. 🙂

To kill a mocking bird

Personal experience has taught me the best way to kill a mocking bird is by ignoring its rants. Here the bird is obviously a metaphor which is for you to assume. Before we jump on to concluding with the said view, lets consider other ways to silence the annoying creature.

First lets try to talk the bird out of it. If you would make a statement to reason your cause, the bird probably would end up making u hurting inside. But one cannot blame the bird, for it is a mockingbird and it cannot possibly know its mocking is too hurtful. Anyway this method is of no use.

Second decapitate the damn bird.

But youre too nice to do such a thing to that poor creature so u plan to adopt a nicer way not knowing that its the worst yet.

You begin to ignore what it says.

At first the bird thinks its normal, afterall such a reaction is not uncommon to it. When this reaction persists rather longer the dumb bird starts to panic and tries all sorts of non sense to gain the centre light. Everybody knows that the bird was too stupid and arrogant to be treated nicely. You had every right to stand and watch as the events unfolded without reacting to it, for, the bird was unforgiving when it came to criticizing you(It called u a “snob” remember?) .But when it begins to notice that its the end of all and thats the point of no return-the best part. The bird dies a nasty death.Decapitation of the spirit. Break every ounce of belief it had in you by reacting in a completely different way. The bird deserved to be treated that way! It was a mocking bird afterall!

A while later you notice the birds in the park.

Some were  pleasant, some were trained and few others were nice but suddenly you feel empty. You miss that familiar feeling. None of em was a mocking bird who could dare to get close to you 🙂