The Thanjavur effect!

There is this question in my head which has been there for quite a while. Is there any relation between a disease and a group of people. In particular, what if this disease is cancer and the place Thanjavur. I am supposed to be a brahmin by birth. My father’s ancestral roots lie in a place called Kumbakkonam, a small town about 40 kms from Thanjavur.  Incidentally I did a little research about my great grandfathers family and found that one common connection among the relatives (apart from my great grandfather ofcourse) was cancer. It might be a pattern, my confusion maybe. But I decided to extrapolate this to other brahmins(Iyers) I knew. Most of them who died by cancer had one common place- Thanjavur.

In one of the prominent medical sites

” The major risk factors for cancer are: tobacco, alcohol, diet, sexual and reproductive behavior, infectious agents, family history, occupation, environment and pollution.”

Maybe family history and environment are playing a part here. Maybe not. But what if it really is? If the common cause could be found out atleast we could convince ourselves

That might be due to the “Thanjavur effect


Careful now. You might catch that thought!

Have u ever wondered why u feel like having food when someone else near you is having food?

Have you ever wondered why u feel slightly uncomfortable in a public transport system?

Yes it might be true for all you know. You do catch thoughts! Thats why some random guy said

“Keep company with good men and good men you will imitate, keep company with beggers and sleep outside some gate”. It has some truth to it. Dont believe me?

Okay. There must be at-least one time when you tried consoling a friend and became depressed instantly? Or another time where you started talking about something and your friend immediately replies it was the first thing on his mind too?

A certain gentleman named Eckhart Tolle says “Thoughts are energy vibrations”. They are at a certain energy level. So called positive thoughts and their counterparts- the negative ones are vibrating at different frequencies. The positive probably at a higher frequency than the negative.

Its possible to replace one frequency by the another right?  I dunno how it works exactly though.

This idea is fairly striking when you take a collective thought pattern. For eg the communists. This idea of communism was vibrating in the “Iam ness” or consciousness of a whole country!

Jelly now?

Okay lemme give a simpler example. When India is playing a match against Australia in India, Indians have a higher chance of winning as this “collective will behind India” is working for it right at the stadium.

Only Luck humbug? okay!

Or how about the even more interesting question- why is terrorism so particular to certain areas of the world? Agreed that it is global and all that. But take Palestine, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Violence is deeply embedded in the psyche of the country itself!

Now jelly?

The concept of mob mentality goes to prove this-why people do insane things when they are a part of a mob??

Next time you have something on your mind, notice how its changing as you meet different people during the day. Notice the pattern without taking part in it! Its fun actually. Btw I am not mad and all, I just like writing insane stuff like this 🙂

Knock knock knockin’ on heavens door!

In September 2011 things went from bad to worse. I hated coming back home from office. Not because I loved work, work no sir! Its because of the familiar haunting feeling of loneliness when I was at home. I hated that. A part of me went mad doing all sorts of things! Not like drugs and all(avlo gethu ille sir naanu). I could not sleep properly. I made friends with people just to bore them with my share of pains and all.

Being ignored is the cruelest thing that can happen to a person was my realization. Yet I trudged along because people thought it was for my own good. In the process I did some really crazy stuff. There was a crater so deep inside my being that it could hardly be filled by cotton wale to feel lighter inside (which is what I tried to do). As I am writing this, I wish people do not ignore other people. Its worse than the (ignoring) person being dead. There is not much I can do except for listen to knock knock knockin’ on heavens door! 😦

Whats in a gang???

Whats in a gang? Well… Almost everything. Guys are simple, straightforward and mostly boring when it comes to gangs. But girls are the toughest lot to deal with! Heres why…

If a guy doesnt get along with a guy its mostly very simple. Here are typical scenarios why this happen. A, B,C,D and E are guys in a gang.

A gets along with B the most. B gets along very well with A. C just about manages to stay with A and B.

Voila! you get a sub-gang. A,B and C.

D and E pretty much know that the others are a sub group and they form a sub gang of their own. Fairly simple.

Now what happens if theres a tiff between A and B?

A: Dai! Avlo thaan da unnakum yennakum. Mudittu kelambu. Yen figure yeh sight aiduchta ille?

B: Soltaru! Aiye Chi poda naaye, un kooda yaaru pesuva. Romba uzhunga nee mattum. Last week nee innoru figure ah correct pannindhe le?

5 hours and 2 bottles of beer later.

A: Machi sorry da.(Cha ivan kitta namma gaandu aitome!)

B: Na thaan da sollanum. Sorry machi(Cha ivan kitta namma gaandu aitome!)

Notice how C was not involved at all in this tiff!

Now if the whole gang goes out as a single entity its such fun to be there.

See guys are boring and simple!!!

Next my favourite!!!

Girls gang. How that name evokes such pleasant thoughts 🙂

I ll try to roughly simulate what its like in a typical girls gang!

A will be gang leader 1

B will be the jalra

C will be jalra 2

D will be gang leader 2

E will be misfit

Here the girls are not a gang. They are just in equilibrium because their surface liking for each other equals their utter disrespect for one another.

A likes B who is her jalra. B worships A.

C worships D. D likes C.

A hates D who is her threat. D hates B because she worships A.

But B likes D secretly cause she is bold and all that. C knows this and hates B who makes her insecure about jalra to D position.

A knows about B’s secret liking. So A likes C for hating B.

Now you get the drift dont you? Here theres a very important person I wont dare to leave out. The misfit!

How do you think C or A know that B likes D secretly?

Yes, you guessed it right. The misfit! The misfit is the one who is most insecure and can bitch like a classic bitch. At the end of the day, shes bitched about too many people but she keeps track of her bitching unlike A or B or C or D.

One fine day the whole gang splits up, this is what happens typically.

A:(to B) You dont talk to her! She disrespected me remember?

B: Ya.(sobs) Why would I talk to her when youre my best friend.

A: Its okay dont cry.(starts crying)

After sometime.

B:Hey do you know that A is a total loser. She thinks shes got the coolest boyfriend and all.

Misfit(secretly BlackBerrying A: Am so sorry to say this 😦 😦 but B thinks you are blah ) : Oh really? I thought her bf looks cooler than D’s.

B: I also think D is more genuine than A nowadays.

Misfit(2nd message to A with C in the carbon copy): But I still dont understand why B thinks D is more genuine 😦 😦

A replies misfit: That bitch! I knew it!

C replies misfit: Why that no good bitch!

Misfit (to B): Hey but do you know what A thinks of you? and shows her the message.

B: Why that bitch!

After sometime. Misfit becomes close to A but not close enough.

Now everybody get together and it gets a BIT complicating.

A gives B the cold stare. B chit chats with D. C bitches about B to A. D gives A the cold stare.

A: Hey! I think we ought to use the restroom now!

Everybody else nods with resonance

Everybody huddle up in the restroom.

A speaks her mind to D. B gets it from C. Misfit starts crying.

Misfit: girls ! This is not the gang I knew of! Stop it! I am going home!

Everybody starts sobbing and try to console misfit. They bid their sweet good byes.

A: See you girls.(D is a no good bitch so is B!)

B: Bye girls (lousy bitches)

C : Sobbing. Bye.( B is such an arrogant backstabber)

D: Bye girls(A should know her position now!)

Misfit: Bye bye. I think I am not well because of all the commotion.(I hope I am accepted atleast NOW!)

Post script.

When a guy says another guy is his best friend. Its true.

When a girl says another girl is her best friend. Its 100% false. They relate to each other but most probably hate each other from their guts!

Its not that girls cant be close friends. Only that a girl doesnt call her bestfriend her bestfriend or soul sister or some sweet sounding name. Its just that theyre close to each other!

A girl  is very secretive about her bestfriend probably because she is insecure about losing the only normal support system she has!


What if we fight moro? What if I am not good enough for you after sometime? What if your friends dont like me? What if my pakathu veetu aunty says something?
What if? What if? …..

What if Wilbur Sargunaraj doesnt love marry?
(Sometimes its as random as that!)

All these questions are pretty much ingrained in a relationship these days. There is a collective name for this phenomenon and it is called insecurity.
“In-Security” well its an irony, it should be “out-of-security” or something.

Insecurity arises due to a feeling of inadequacy. The feeling “I am not complete”. This feeling is present as long as we continue to mask ourselves shunning the real thing. Hence this feeling can never be quenched by an external thing or person! Searching for security externally is that stupid.
Coming to the relationship part.
As it is we wear enough masks to the outside world, so its still worse if we approach relationship through a false mask. Only if a person is true to himself/herself can he/she be really secure in a relationship. One effective way to deal with those “what if” questions is to be ruthlessly true to yourself. If one is such, he will be the most secure for he has given up resisting what he is!

Why would you care if they accept or reject you, or that pakathu veetu aunty’s monger as long as you are comfortable being you! You would see all those questions melting into nothing as you stand there in your own skin being what you are!

Why the Indians find it tough in the US?

I have noticed most of my friends doing their masters in the US seem to find the syllabus leaps and bounds from their UG. The reason in my opinion is that, Indians love to complicate things. The whole UG syllabus in India is framed at some level, this level is not for beginners especially if funda of math, phy, chem and logic is not adequate. The result- when Engineers who go to the US to do their masters, they are unable to build on their funda. The reason is this

Anna Univ comes up with brilliant questions about some concepts.

Before I know the fundamentals of addition and subtraction- There will be questions on some crap 3d algebra and stuff. The result? Students mug that particular concept without relating to the fundamentals and get many many marks. In US, its the opposite, people dont care if its 4d algebra as long as u get your fundamentals right. In short Anna University has robbed us of essential skills such as “thinking”. For short term results we mugged Lakshmi Publications and Bakshi & Bakshi to no extent. As a long term effect we suck at logical thinking and concept building!

Moreover my uncle who happens to be an instructor in Financials gave me an insight into the differences between US(for that matter western) and Indian audience. Here is the scenario


Lecturer:”The apple is red in color because it reflects red absorbing every other color in the visible spectrum”

Indian Audience: How trivial, this lecturer doesnt know shit about light. He is just tea aathifying.

Western Audience: Precisely put!


Lecturer:”The white light falls on the object and it absorbs every other color except red color. The reason for this can be explained by the photoelectric effect”

Indian audience: Wow. Photoelectric effect and all hes saying. He must be right.

Western audience: To explain one unknown thing, he talks of another unknown thing. How complicating! Idiot!