Late nights

I cannot explain why I like to hang around in a place after everybody has left. Probably, the empty space fills me up with inspiration or I am just jobless. However, yesterday I was transported to a place called stores in my college. The reason? Top Ramen Cup noodles. Cup Noodles was one of our favourites in the stores. Its just what you need when the stores is out of rations 🙂

I was particularly reminded of my friend Ms. Madhavan whom I missed terribly at that instant. After finishing my boiling cup, I stared out of the corridor on the 1st floor parking lot. All I could see was the OMR. The OMR is a funny place. We used to joke in college about how we ll probably spend our entire lives on OMR. Even our graves deserve a place on this historic road. Staying back alone also took me back to some of my special memories in college. How things change with seeming randomness is one thought thats constantly on the back of my head. As I switch on the ignition in my bike, I could see where I would be. Pictures of a relatively strange but familiar place emerge and recede. However I choose to concentrate on my bike as I didnt want to end up on the traffic police warning signs with those “Speed thrills but kills” caption.




No, its not about Malaika gyrating with dacoits in the Chambals. Its not even about Bipasha running on the beach.

Dance dance

Well its about something more- attractiveness. This attractiveness is a more personal thing. Malaika is obviously hot and all, but need not necessarily be everyone’s goddess. For that matter I am not talking about the celebrities PER SE.  I am talking about something simple and unsophisticated. This simple thing we tend to miss in everyday life. The way your louvews might smile and wink an eye might be more attractive than MALAIKA+ MALLIKA+ RICHA+ every other heavyweight actress who err looks good.

This simple thing could remain in the back of your mind when you walk along the beach in the night and probably when you are counting the stars only to see your sweetheart smile or rather giggle in a cocky way. Its present in that silence before hanging up that midnight phone call. Gentlemen, the blank is the sacred space and  she- your goddess. Its pretty bad that we take those attractive things for granted.


Those are the stuff that people brand as “left to imagination”. My friend once told me that I had not seen “beyond the flowers coming together”(older films have this two flower thing for a kiss or a cuddle or whatnot) and that he knew more than me.

Now I know hes wrong for he has missed that attraction. I have known it intimately. Being physical need not be the only channel to express this attraction inside. Its just one of the ways. If it were only that, then how are long distances possible and how are people able to love long after their libidos have passed their time?

Olympics Hair Salon

I decided to get a hair cut after watching a T Rajendar video(scary resemblance you know!)

I went to the 12th Avenue Green Trends, where all the cool people get their hair cut! (Hey I am also cool bro!)

I park my bike amongst the annoying array of bikes and scooties parked. Two people from O2 are promoting their gym on their 10th Anniversary(Thanks to the evergreen Nina Reddy) in the parking lot. I carefully dodge them and land up straight in the reception.

Me: Hi. I need a hair cut(cutting my hair with an imaginary hand-scissor)

R: You have to wait for 20 minutes.

Me: Alright :). How much is a haircut?(Usually I dont ask about the money to save my imaginary coolness in front of complete strangers)

R: 180 rubees.

Me:(For 180 bucks u could buy 3 or 4 fake Jeffrey Archer books in Pondy Bazaar. I asked for a normal haircut with stainless steel scissors. These guys tend to include the inflation, exchange rate fluctuation, and all.Probably if Iran closes the Hormuz, they ll increase it to 500 bucks. ) Hmm… okay!

I knew that I had two hundred rupee notes and  had nothing to worry about. (as cards wont be accepted since the machines there are out of order ever since Obama was elected to presidency)

I was browsing through an O2 promo magazine with a certain kollywood comedian recommending it ( absolute crap). I noticed an article about high class society ladies(50+ grannies wearing all that low neck stuff) going for boating and all. Damn! Only if I could drink from the fountain of youth when I am 40! I place the magazine back to its original position and I browse through my phone. I noticed a girl looking at my phone with disbelief, probably she expected a much better model than the one I had. Possibly her maid had used that phone model and disposed it 2 years back. Bored, I leave the place for a hair cutting alternative. This time I was caught by the gym lady and the dude.

GLady: Can I do a basic free health check up.


GL(to the Gdude): Check his height and weight.

GD: 179 cms, 71 kgs.

GL: BMI correct. Sir can u please hold it like this.

She gave me a video game joystick type thing. It had some tiny fluctuating images obesity, thin, muscular before it showed one image- latent obesity

She showed her calculation as to why I need gymming. I nod my head, collect the three day trail pack and escape from that place. I started thinking. Why does a hair cut cost 180 bucks? Even a year back it was only 120. 60 bucks increase in one year! While riding through my locality I decided to get my hair cut in Olympics hair salon(neat small place). The experience was a transforming one.

It was simple and people were not trying too much to be what they werent. I got a haircut for 70 bucks and paid 20 tips to the guy. I told him that it was 15 years since I came to Olympics for a haircut and the guy appeared to be least bothered about my story and goes back to doing his job.

Businesses like Olympics need to be supported. All you tambrahm fellows, I know we have become cool over the years having cash to “invest in ourselves” (The term is very misguiding!) but we shouldnt forget that once upon a time we went to the nearby Olympics shop with our dads for a 40 rupee Crop Cut. 😛