Unreal Stuff.

I wish to understand what the word social networking means. Before the age of online socializing, socializing by itself was not very different. People dressing up fancily, wearing expensive perfumes looking their best and striking conversations about things which would never really interest them. In essence everyone wears a beautiful mask, so beautifully done so that it would bring out the desired result- impression. Thats the magic word which makes 99% of the world do what they do. Among the rest 1%, some end up as dead poets, some end up just dead while some emerge as original individuals. But we arent interested in what a handful of freaks, we are interested about the majority. Common majority as people call it(faceless monster). What another man thinks of what I do is more important than what I think about myself. This same concept is embedded in social networking forums. Posting pictures that arent completely true with captions more crappier than the pic to make you think I am happy. I am doing great, why shouldnt I? Look at me! Look at the places where I hang out and look at my friends. NOW BEAT THAT!

In essence almost everything that happens in a social networking forum could not be far from the truth, its worse after your parents and relatives have joined it. Arrgh the pains you have to take maintain your image! People argue its just to keep in touch. Yah right. Its always to prove a point- to people who never really give a fuck whether you partied with Simbhu or you made your parents proud by winning the nobel(sarcastic ofcourse). Its not what it seems. So what if I post a picture contrary to the crap thats being posted. Life maybe really simple as that. But with people coming in, its not meant to be simple. It simply is not! Life will be far simpler if people understand this fact.



Mogaraiputhakkam 1696 AD!

“Enna da ava aathule kootam rombi vazhiyarthu?”

Vaithy mama aathule Maha Ganapthy Homam panra da. Nekku invite vandhudhe nokku varliya?

“Hmm, ille da antha manushan yenna invite pannale. Avar oda ponnu Janani naan poke pannen nu therunjodanne yenna unfriend pannitar. Chinna pulla thanama block lam panrar na paaren.”

Seri vidu, nee yaarathan vittu vechche. Vaishnave kovil lendhu sivan kovil varaikkum nee athukku thaan porre nu ennaku theriyum. Aaana intha Kumbakonathle yellarum unna romba forward thinker nu nenachundrukka. Ellam neram thaan.

(Srinivasan was kinda jealous of Vichu. Though Vichu was kind of a pokkiri payan, his charm made him very popular among the mada veedhi girls,who were very popular with the guys! Each time Vichu put up a status on mogaraiputhakam, all mada vidhi girls immediately liked it, whereas Srini’s recording of the toughest of Chamakams on “nee pazhuppu” at the max got two likes. Both from the same Savithri paati who had two accounts on mogaraiputhakkam)

Vichu was looking  his best- he was wearing pattu veshti with a mayil kan, his poonal flashing on his ash smeared chest. He hardly noticed Srini’s whining because he was gaping at Aryambal, the supposed beauty of Kumbakkonam. Aryambal was wearing a red pavadai dhavini, she gave a courteous smile to Vichu while adjusting her long locks.

Vichu didnt understand why she was so beautiful, probably its some divine charm which made her look like mother Madurai Meenakshi he thought sometimes.

Srini noticed this hopeless sighting of Vichu and said” Inga pazhe ithu ke vazhi illiyam idhulle vengaya sambar urulai kazhangukku aasai padarar paaru”

Vichu knew Aryamba was out of his league by miles.

She was 5′ 7, fair, she could dance bharatanatyam with such grace and could sing a keerthanai faultlessly.

While Vichu was street smart but not the brightest. He was always the last person in his Paatashalai to finish a recital of the vedham. Mostly his master Sankaran Gurukkal made Vichu sing songs to drive away the crows from eating maami’s vadagham on his house’s terrace. Vichus voice was like the brahmasthram against the menacing crows his master used to joke.Eitherways he was no match to her class he felt.

His stream of thoughts was stopped by a sweet voice, “Enna Vichu Patashalaiku poliya?”

It was Aryamba. Vichu was stunned, he knew for a fact the words coming out from his mouth were not controlled by his brain.

“Aryam…ba, errr naan”

“Haha Vichu, yen ollare”

“Inniku Patashalai kidyathu, acharyar Brihadeswaran sevvai ku thanjavur poirkkar”

“Oh Seri seri, nee vaithy mama athukku variya? I am reciting Thyagaraja’s Keerthanai.”

Oh yes, kandippa vern. Nee padi naan kettadhe ille.

(Vichu knew it was a blatant lie. He had watched the same video recording of that particular thygaraja krithi by Aryamba atleast 50 times everyday on nee pazhuppu much to Srini’s annoyance)

Srini:”Yennadhu? Kettadhe illiya? Dei ithu anthe perumalukke adukkathu da. Paavam antha saavithri paati aathule Reliance 3 G irukku nu avaale thoongvidama stream panni paathavan thaane nee?!”

Aryamba(confused):”Yenna sollran Srini”

Vichu:”Adhu onnum ille avan oru vaati chamakam padinatha thirimbi thirimbi pottu kamichi praanane vaangitan”

Srini(shocked):”Nalla sreshtama nadathungo na neenga”(yepdi adichi vidraan paaren!)

Vichu sneaked into Vaithy mama’s house. He avoided Janani at every instance possible but she would never leave Vichu alone. Vichu finally climbed on top of the mittham and hid behind the roof to escape from Janani at the same time he didnt want to miss Aryamba’s concert in the main hall below.

Aryamba respectfully bowed to her audience, closed her eyes. The mayi (Mhyy) on her kannu made her eyes more prettier (or rather was it the other way round he didnt know for sure!) Then Aryamba started to sing. He loved it. In that moment he failed to notice that the old roof had given way and before he could do something about it, he landed on Vaithy mama pushing him inadvertently into the dried up yet hot Homakundam. Everybody was taken aback. Vaithy mama’s face became jet black with ash.

Aryambas concert came to an abrupt end. Vichu was sheepishly smiling for a while and then took off. Vaithy mama, thinking Srini to be the culprit started bashing him with copper utensils.

Vichu ran and hid behind the puliyam tree at the end of the street, panting and sweating. He saw Aryamba walking at a fast pace to her house. Vichu walked up to her and said.

“Aryamba it was a great concert, sorry that it happened.”

“Vichu, nee yenda sorry kekkare. That stupid Srini only(her eyes started to get moist)”

(Srini ah? Seri form aanadhu form aagatum. Sentiment bitta podavendithuthan!)

“Chi idhukku poi yaaravdhu azhuvala? Ashadu! Srini etho loose madhiri pannitan, adhukku nee yenna pannuve? Avalukku thaan kuduthuvekkale un paate kekarthukku”

“Nejamava sollre?”

“Who do you think gave the first hundred likes on neepazhuppu for each one of your videos Arya?”

“Ayo Vichu Neeya?? ”

(She started to blush) Then they walked away holding hands.

Meanwhile Srini getting beaten black and blue by Vaithy mama was already doing rounds on mogaraiputthakam.

“Appave sonna antha savithri paati, antha vadama payana nambathe nambathe nu. Yennoda buddhi yenga pochu?!!!”