What is this?

There is definitely a correlation between deactivating my facebook account and blogging. I think the coefficient of which more or less borders around -1. Basically it means blog activity is on the decline when facebooking time is positive and vice versa. Coming back to the purpose of this blog post. Hmmm… There is none actually. 

I am going to pen down a self discussion(Yes I am partly mad and I do such stuff ) about opinion. Recently I managed to irritate my friend by being a little stubborn(“and with lots of attitude“). I told him about the futility of discussing opinions. Hell, every discussion on the planet is based on opinions. Or is it?

Opinion means to judge, suppose and the like. What is this “judging” ? Judging is a subjective process. Judging invariably means classification according to one’s prejudice or knowledge. Well, to cut the boring part its more like

Well I think he is smart.

She is hot.

He is a whiny little bitch.

Opinions. It is what makes life easier. Once you judge and classify, it seals your identity. Hence when you see that person another time, it is given that you will be reacting to this image/judgement of the person rather than the person himself/herself. This image is reinforced by further experiences with the image.

How does this work? Let me try to understand this deeper by going into the problem. The image is not separate from the thinker, since he has only created the image in the first place.

Or is it so?

Does the thinker and the image/object surface together simultaneously?

Let me take the analogy of the shadow and the light.

Why is there a shadow? Is it because of the object?

Surely it is because of the object. What a dumb thought! 

But wait, how do you know an object exists in the first place? Surely by the light which falls on the object. That part of the light reflected by the object does not pass through it. Hence there is darkness behind the object. Now if light was not there would there be any shadow?

Surely if it is because of the object then the shadow must be a property of the object,right? 

Similarly can there be an opinion without the thinker? No.

Opinion cannot exist of its own accord. It can only exist because of the thinker. In that case how is a thinker to be identified? Can the thinker be identified with an opinion alone? 

It seems yes. Thinker and the thought are the same. Hmm.. in that case.

There should be so many thinkers approximately 60,000 thinkers/day in that tiny head of ours.(Some estimate shows that 60000 is the average number of thoughts a person thinks every day!)

That is insane.

Precisely yes. There are so many individual thinkers, but there is a web interlinking them. This web no doubt is complex and sticky. But what makes it special is that some links of the web wear out and elsewhere new links are forged.

Such complex is this opinion web inside man’s head. Basically a web is useless. So is our million opinions to another man, who has his own web.

Why bother about raking another man’s web, when we dont know what is going on in our own lives(web)?

So simple ah sollanum na, lets STFU and mind our business 🙂