It has been a while

I have not blogged for quite a while due to lack of emotional juice. But there is an interesting thought I would like to record. While I was celebrating Bhagavan’s advent to Arunachala on this day 118 years back, by chanting his aksharamanamalai, I gradually felt as if the being inside me was reaching out to the Self. After the chant was over, I immediately shut my eyes into meditation and then I witnessed the dance of Shiiva.

Natraja was turning about an imaginary axis passing through him and around him, the entire space (by space I mean the vast night sky with stars and the planets) was in turn revolving around him. I seemed inconsequential as the lord was majestically setting things in motion by his mere presence. (Though I witnessed him rotating, it could have been because my image which was witnessing the dance was a part of the space moving around Natraja) Then this curious thought struck me, why do humans feel an intuitive sense of humility only when they are exposed to outer space and not when the same “space” is between two electrons or atoms? After all, the space is the same!